World Bicycle Day – Two avenues add to bicycle routes in the capital

The bicycle road project that will be inaugurated this Wednesday as a pilot plan, will cover two of the most important and historical avenues in the city

It will start at the so-called Zero Kilometer, in the Independence Park, to continue along Bolivar Avenue, turn south on Abraham Lincoln and return on Independence Avenue to the starting point.

The “bike-route” is a joint initiative of the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant) and the National District Council (ADN9, together with other institutions, such as organizations of cycling fans.

Let me know there was a meeting of the head of the Intrant, Claudia Franchesca de los Santos, and the Mayor of the District, Carolina Mejía, in which, among other topics, the creation of this route that joins the already existing one was analyzed, in Winston Churchill Avenue with that of the Malecon in Santo Domingo.

According to the promotion of Intrant and ADN, it is intended to promote the use of sustainable and less polluting means of transport.

In addition, the same is part of the activities that take place with the purpose of commemorating the World Bicycle Day, whose celebration began this Monday.

It also develops an itinerary to draw attention to the rights of cyclists and highlight the benefits of this mode of transport for health and mobility based on the reduction of polluting gas emissions.

That is why bike education talks for children, young people and adults are included, as well as a challenge bike motivating citizens to move by bicycle to their workplace, including remuneration from their employers.

The cyclists
The Green Footprint Collective, which groups cycling fans, met last week with Mayor Carolina Mejía, with whom she promised to support the cycle route.

At the meeting held at the City Hall, the group expressed its willingness to maintain its commitment to sustainable mobility and protection of the environment.

The alderman of the National District, Mario Sosa, a standard bearer of this modality, reported that the Council of Aldermen approved the ordinance that promotes cycle routes in the city.

“The cycle routes are an achievement of the leadership of Carolina Mejía and her management-technical team. The vision of David Collado whose management prepared the plan that is being executed today, “wrote the mayor on his social networks

Among the activities carried out, in connection with the celebration of World Bicycle Day, it was possible to definitively allow bicycles to enter the subway cars and the cable car cabins of Santo Domingo, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 in the morning.

For children
Mini bicycle circuits for children will also be installed in shopping malls, parking cycles will be opened in different centers, public institutions and private companies.

Activities for World Bicycle Day have the support of international organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union (EU). The Intrant says that by virtue of the basic principles of execution of Law 63-17 and in accordance with the powers that the law confers, it guides actions to guarantee road safety for cyclists, intervening on risk factors and taking care of especially to these vulnerable user groups.

The commemoration of World Bicycle Day every June 3 was declared by resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

The UN declaration is a recognition of the contribution of cycling to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where at least 12 of the 17 goals are related to the daily use of cycling.

The Intrant has indicated that it promotes social change for the population and cyclists to obtain the commitment to sustainable mobility, with a view to achieving behavior change for those who use public roads.


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