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Updated 10/17/2020 at 5:05 PM

Unheard. In early October, a woman, whose identity was not disclosed, brought the corpse of a old man in a wheelchair to a bank, located in Campinas, city of Brazil, Sao Paulo region, to collect your pension.

According to the police report, quoted by the G1 portal, the female went to the bank and reported that she lost the password to the bank account of her alleged partner, a 92-year-old retiree. However, the workers told him they needed that the owner is present for security reasons.

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The woman left the place and after a period of time returned with the elderly man in a wheelchair. To help her quickly, she said that the old man was in poor health, so firefighters arrived to help him. The men in red realized that the subject he had no vital signs and his feet were swollen.

José Henrique Ventura, director of the São Paulo Judicial Police department, explained that the autopsy determined that the older adult was dead 12 hours ago and the woman was transferred to a police station so that she could give her demonstration and record the incident.

“He says she was his partner for years, but I was not authorized to move or alter the accountVentura said, who also maintained that the woman will be investigated to find out what her intentions were. For its part, the body of the retiree was buried the next day.

“She claims that she was his partner for some years, but that she had no power to move or alter the account. With the report we will initiate a fraud investigation. Before, it was death to clarify. Now we will try to understand what was his intention, what would he do with him and the moneyadded the Brazilian police authority.

The bank indicated that the protocols were followed and that only the credences were missing to access the account and make the withdrawal of the money, for which it was necessary to be present at the agent.


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