World Cup︱Messi as the savior passes the shot to lead Argentina to defeat Mexico’s hope of qualifying (04:57)-20221127-Sports-Instant News

After losing to Saudi Arabia in the heat of the first game, the Argentine team could not afford to lose again. However, their performance in the first half was mediocre. Instead, the Mexican team borrowed a few dead balls to create thrilling shots.

After switching sides, Argentina became more active. On the contrary, Mexico retreated to the half and presented an offensive and defensive battle. Although the “White and Blue Army” offensive was not strong, Metz showed his true colors again and scored a wonderful shot from outside the penalty area in the 64th minute, giving the team the lead. record. The lagging Mexican army turned from defense to offense at the end and failed to win. Metz took a short corner kick in the 87th minute and assisted Ansu Fernandez to score the winning goal. It was also the backup player. The midfielder’s first international goal. In the end, Argentina defeated Mexico 2-0 and moved up to the second place with 3 points in the two games. Saudi Arabia, which scored the same points with the best goals and losses, will fight Poland with 4 points in the next game. Mexico will face Saudi Arabia.

It is worth mentioning that this game is also on par with the “Old Horse” Maradona, who has played 21 games and scored 8 goals in the World Cup. The team’s World Cup scoring record is also second only to ” God of War” Badistuda’s 10 goals.

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