World Cup|Japan performed a miracle again and beat Spain to win the first place in Group E, Germany and Costa Rica were both eliminated (04:56) – 20221202 – Sports – Instant News

Japan unexpectedly lost to Costa Rica in the last round of rotation. Today, nearly half of the team’s main force was transferred against Spain. However, the “Blue Warriors” were passive in the first half and were assisted by “Mad Bull” striker Aihualu Morada in 12 minutes. Espeguda’s cross was close to the goal and led halftime with 1 goal.

After the change of sides, Japan switched into Doan and Kaoru Misaki, and the effect was immediately effective. In 48 minutes, Japan took advantage of the opponent’s backcourt transmission error, and Doan made a shot from the top of the penalty area to beat Spanish goalkeeper Unisimon’s ten fingers to equalize. Only 3 minutes later, the Blue Samurai made a pass from the right to the far post by Tang Anlu. Kaoru Misaki made another pass to Aoshi Tanaka at the near goal and crashed into the overtake. VAR judged that the chip inside the ball did not go out of bounds, and the goal was valid. Japan scored two goals in three minutes to overtake. In the end, Japan kept the victory, scored 6 points in 3 games, and counter-pressed Spain to take the first place and qualify for the round of 16.

As for the German team, which must win, only 10 minutes into the game, Kinaby responded to David Larin’s cross from the left and scored, leading Costa Rica by 1 goal and finishing halftime. However, the Colombian army actively counterattacked in the second half, with the goals of Tajeta and Juan Huagas in 58 and 70 minutes respectively, and then Germany scored twice with striker Chavez and Fuclau’s stoppage time goal. The ball won 4:2, but in the end the goal difference was lost to Spain, which scored 4 points, and came third.

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