World Cup 2022: ARD presenter puts Bierhoff through the wringer! “Do you believe that?” | Sports

After the bitter debacle-off in the WM-Preliminary round, those responsible for the DFB face the ARD moderators.

Manager Oliver Bierhoff (54/managing director national teams) also has to put up with the tough questions from Esther Sedlaczek (37)!

Bierhoff: “The disappointment is of course huge. And of course there is anger. Anyone who saw the three games: We had it in our own hands. The first game annoys me the most. In the end, football is relatively easy, you have to score more goals and concede as few as possible. We needed more goals today. You’re a bit shocked.”

Sedlaczek digs deeper: “Who are you angry at? To the team?”

Bierhoff: “To all of us. We are there as a whole team. The point here is not: Who is to blame here? In the end you have to realize that it wasn’t enough. You can’t afford to make any mistakes at a World Cup. It’s been going on for two or three years that we give away games carelessly.”

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Then Sedlaczek puts his finger deeper into the wound: “Would you say that you could have dealt with the topic of One Love pads differently, could have dealt with them better? The fact is – according to our information – that not every player was okay with the fact that this sign existed before the game against Japan. And that caused a lot of unrest in the team.”

Bierhoff: “We can definitely discuss that at some point. But do you really believe that after three games that have taken place on the pitch that One Love armband has played such a big role? In the first 70 minutes against Japan, where we played confidently? Where we had the opponent under control? And also against Spain. It didn’t go well – without a doubt. But that (the One Love bandage; editor’s note) is not an aspect in the sporting analysis.

Sedlaczek continues: “Are there things that you think could have gone better? This is a situation that, from their point of view, could have gone differently. That the pressure could have been taken off the players.”

Bierhoff sheepishly: “I can only agree. We could have done better – without a doubt. We know ourselves that the situation didn’t go the way we wanted it to. Will it ultimately be decisive in three games? That’s another topic.”

Sedlaczek: “Does your position also need a change?”

Bierhoff: “I’m not asking myself that question right now. Of course I know that such questions will come. I’ve been there now for 18 years. Maybe you look at the entire balance sheet, look at it objectively. I’m not too worried about that now. I have a very, very good feeling. With three bad tournaments, of course, I have no arguments. I have to accept that.”

Finally, ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger (38) asks: “Is there a leader missing?”

Bierhoff: “I’ve said that before. We lack the German efficiency that we always had.”

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