World Cup final 1990: After the title there was a beer with Helmut Kohl

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Franz Beckenbauer never had any doubt that the German national soccer team would become world champion in Italy 30 years ago, he says in an interview with “Sport Bild”. “When I look back at the 1990 World Cup, I was never afraid that we would not win the title,” said the then DFB team boss. “It was clear to me that if everything went as normal we would be world champions. I would say that it was the most perfect of all the world championships I have experienced.”

The selection of the German Football Association had won the title in the Rome final on July 8, 1990 with a 1-0 win over Argentina. “I believe that we were the most deserving world champion in 1990 and also had the hardest way,” said team captain Lothar Matthäus (59) at the time, referring to the four World Cup titles of the DFB (1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014).

Won 1-0 at 1990 World Cup

Victory-scorer Andreas Brehme (59), who had taken a penalty against Argentina, told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND / Wednesday) about the hours after the trophy was handed over in an interview: “First, the then Chancellor Helmut Kohl had in the cabin of the Olympic Stadium another beer with us. After the award ceremony and all the trimmings we came back to the hotel very late, I guess at 2 o’clock in the morning. ” Then Beckenbauer asked everyone in the meeting room and announced that he was leaving the team.

“And that from now on we should all be with him by you,” said Brehme, who had a hard time with it, “because Franz is just Franz, one of the greatest players in world football that I always looked up to. At that time I thought I can’t do that. If I go to coach the coach in the future, I will sweat. “


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