World Cup Japan’s loss also “felt the power to support” Reported by Sanspo reporter on-site – Nippon Broadcasting NEWS ONLINE

Sankei Sports reporter Naoto Murata, who is covering the football World Cup (World Cup) Qatar tournament locally, appeared on Nippon Broadcasting System “Karabo Jiro Zoom So far!” on December 6th. On the same day (Japan time), Japan lost to Croatia in the first round of the finals tournament at the end of the penalty shootout and missed out on the quarterfinals for the first time in history. I felt it,” he reported.

View images (2 images) Japanese supporters excited about Croatia match (Kyodo) December 5, 2022

Spicy) The result was disappointing. how did you feel?

Murata) At the moment when the defeat was decided, I felt regretful thinking, “Is this the end?”

Shinbo) I was watching the match live in Japan, and there were many Japanese supporters packed into the stadium. Buying a ticket or airline ticket is not an easy task.

Murata) Just before the match against Croatia, I asked a Japanese supporter who said to me, “It would be nice if we could get a good result.” I hurriedly bought an airline ticket,” he said. I was surprised at the fact that the power to support Japan is truly amazing.

Spicy) In Japan, it seems that about 50 million people watched the game live (by terrestrial broadcasting and ABEMA).

Murata) That’s amazing.

Shinbo) What kind of atmosphere did you feel through the four matches in Japan, and how did the locals see Japan?

Murata) We have beaten Germany and Spain, who have won the championship, and have scored the opening goal against Croatia, who was the runner-up in the previous tournament. I had a feeling that I was rooting for you. It was nice to be able to feel that kind of atmosphere. Even when I was using the subway, a security guard said to Frank, “Japan is amazing. I think we can make it to the finals.” I felt like I was really being watched.

Spicy) Japan missed out on making it to the final eight, but what will you do going forward, Mr. Murata?

Murata) I will remain in the field until the final is over.

Spicy) I envy you. Please enjoy and continue the interview. Thank you very much.

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