World Cup: The Latin Americans Who Will Make Their Mark In Qatar (No Matter Who Wins The World Cup)

  • Gerardo Lissardy
  • BBC News World

image source, Getty Images


Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, the 2016 Pritzker laureate, was chosen to conceive a large museum in Doha.

With his native Chile on the sidelines, award-winning architect Alejandro Aravena says he has little interest in the great global soccer party going on these days. But in a way, he’s already won a World Cup in Qatar.

The architecture studio he leads, Elemental, was chosen in 2017 to design a gigantic cultural center in Doha: the Art Mill museum of modern and contemporary art.

“We qualified before the playoffs even started”Aravena tells BBC Mundo with a laugh, alluding to the international contest for that project that had 26 semifinalists and eight finalists before he got it.

This 55-year-old Chilean, who in 2016 received the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel Prize for architecture, admits that until that contest he knew almost nothing about Qatar.

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