World Day of the Poor: Pope Francis invites you to reach out to the poor

Pope Francis’ message, on the occasion of the next World Day of the Poor on November 15, 2020, was unveiled this Saturday, June 13, liturgical memory of Saint Anthony of Padua. It is called “Extend your hand to the poor” (Si 7:32), and the Holy Father encourages in it to take on the burden of the weakest, because the goal of all action “can only be love».


Poverty always takes on different faces which demand attention to each particular condition: in each of them we can meet the Lord Jesus who revealed his presence in his weakest brothers (cf. Mt 25:40)», Explains Pope Francis to introduce his reflection, reports Vaticannews.

Trust in God …

From the first pages, the Book of Ben Sira from which the theme of this message is drawn gives advice on poverty. Pope Francis insists on the fact that, in need, we must have confidence in God, notes the Pope: “Do not be agitated in the hour of adversity. Be attached to the Lord, do not forsake him, so that you may be fulfilled in your last days. All adversities, accept them; in the setbacks of your poor life, be patient. In sickness as in destitution, have faith in him. Trust in him, and he will help you; make your ways straight, and put your hope in him. You who fear the Lord, count on his mercy, do not stray from the path, lest you fall. » (Si 2, 2-7).

Solidarity with the poor …

Thus, the Holy Father deduces in his message, prayer to God and solidarity with the poor and the suffering are “inseparable”. “To celebrate worship that is pleasing to the Lord, it is necessary to recognize that everyone, even the most destitute and the most despised, carries the image of God imprinted in him.“, Says Pope Francis.

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