World Diabetes Day; importance of healthy eating

Jessica Marquez

Lion / 14.11.2020 10:51:09


With the intention of raising awareness in society about the disease, on November 14 the World Diabetes Day where it is about making known the causes, symptoms and complications of the disease, as well as treatments.

How to prevent?

The nutritionist, Jorge Ponce Marquez, mentioned that for prevention, a proper diet and exerciseThey are the best actions to take care of yourself, in addition to individualizing each person since it requires different amounts of calories.

“Evaluating your height, your age, your weight, your height, your gender, your physical activity, all this will be very important, if sometimes you cannot pay for an individual eating plan, in this case the general recommendations to avoid everything processed all the bakeries, but it is very general and the ideal is to individualize each person “ Jorge Ponce Márquez commented.

It should be noted that there may be similar cases, but when it comes to individualizing what you analyze, it is your lifestyle, your habits, so that you can carry out the eating plan.

What to do if the disease exists?

In the case of already having the disease, identify what type of diabetes you have, type I or type II.

“In type II diabetes, it is known that it can be controlled with a good diet and would not need medications, a good diet, exercise, without medications a healthy person, a normal person as if he did not have diabetes” said.

In the case of type II diabetes, people must be monitored because they do not produce any insulin.

“At the end of the day to know that there are specialists in the sense of diabetes, of the kidneys and in each area and the ideal is to always go to each specialist in the area to support you, especially type I diabetes” express.

In general, all people can be based on a healthy person, eating vegetables, fruits, proteins and a piece of meat, but everything is according to the person.

The recommendation made by the nutritionist Jorge Ponce, is that the best thing is that if there is still no disease, prevent it, exercising, taking care of your diet.


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