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world no smoking day It was first organized on May 31, 1988 by the World Health Organization. because of the danger of cigarettes on the health of smokerssmokers and non-smokerssmoke Commit to quit” or “Determined to quit smoking” To reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 including the health effects of the diseaseSomething is the slogan on No Tobacco Day.World in 2021 set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the motto of Thailand. by the Department of Disease Control Ministry of Health is “Quit smoking, reduce your risk, you can do it.”

cigarette 1 cigarette when burning Will cause more than 7,000 chemicals and 70 types of cancer causing substances. Hundreds of other toxic substances were not counted.that affect the functioning of various organs in the body

**Toxins in cigarette smoke make the immune system.reduced escort

The WHO has also published a document stating “More than 100 reasons to quit tobacco” (More than 100 reasons to quit tobacco). It’s not enough to quit smoking.A new reason to quit this year is, “Smokers are more at risk.to cause severe COVID-19 and death” by the toxins from tobacco smoke.reduced immunity puts smokers at riskRespiratory infections, tuberculosis, including COVID-19
However, during the COVID crisis-19 years into the second year, up to 1 million Britons can quit smoking.

Prof. Dr. Prakit Watisathakakit, President of the Campaign Foundation For non-smokers, the lungs are the only internal organs thatcontact with the environment outside all the time from breathing airbringing oxygen into the body and driving carbon dioxide, which iswaste gas from the body If there is something foreign or there are germs floating in the air It will be breathed into the lungs as well, WHO has announced that COVID-19 can float in the airseveral hours If it is in a well-ventilated placegood or in air-conditioned room Someone with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes, talks or shouts loudly. COVID-19 will float in the air in thethere too, making it easier to spread the virus.

Reports from many countriesthat people who smoke are at risk ofwith severe covid and death by The United States found that adolescents who smoked e-cigarettes hadThe risk of contracting COVID-19 Increase 5-7 times And also, research has found that E-cigarettes harm cells.airway lining white blood cells to fight pathogensless, making the tiny hairs on the surface of the cells that waving waste less work. decreased lung immunity Abnormal lung gas exchange, COVID-19 They attacked and inflicted damage until their pneumonia.

Quit smoking with help “Fahsai Clinic”-Hotline 1600″
At present, there are many agencies thatto help Thai people quit smoking.”Fahsai Clinic arising from the National Health Organization and the network partners jointly established the “Fahsai Clinic Network”, focusing on building a network of treatments and servicessmoking since the community levelmeet international standards smoking cessation hotline 1600 : ThaiHealth. Support services. telephone smoking cessation service centerNational Health Service to provide telephone counseling on smoking cessation. Support to encourage those whowant to quit smoking with hundreds of thousands of users a yeard

network of dental professionalsTo control tobacco consumption to promote People quit smoking in the clinicinnovation, as well as providing advice onHelping people who smokewant to quit smoking by joining with network partners such as the Office of Public Health Dentistry, Department of Health, Public Health Dentistry Division, Bangkok Health Office, Faculty of Dentistry at all institutions, Department of Public Health Dentistry Every College of Public Health, etc., has developed the potential of dentists.to have knowledge and skillsTobacco Control Develop a prototype dental clinic to help quit smoking in dental clinic under the Department of Health 70 locations in Bangkok.Dentist in the private sector to helpHelping patients who want to stopDim through the “Dentist Hero” project by linking work with the smoking cessation hotline 1600 to forward those who wish to receiveTreatment At present, there are private dentists as500 project members

However, quitting smokingDifficult or difficult depending on the intention, but if there is a “helper”, it will help to have encouragement to stopeasier to dim

**Quit smoking with foot reflexologymake cigarettes change the taste

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Montha Kengkanpanich, Faculty of Public Health Mahidol University has produced innovations to help quit smoking as a result of the work thatfound that some groups who wanted to quit smokingneed help by Use foot reflexology to help relievehand smoke which the main point of massage is at thethe toe area which is the center of the nerve has a preliminary effect on the feeling ofnot wanting to smoke Cause dizziness, change in taste, like giving general smoking cessation pills. After 6 months of follow-up in almost 1,500 people, it was found that about 20% was effective in terms of non-invasiveness.There are some hospitals. The result is as high as 40%, which is very high, but massage is a measure. by feeling which science will ask if trueor not, therefore, to do more research toscience by inspecting the visualization ofBrain function (fMRI) examines brain mechanisms during foot reflexology.Massage and then affect the receiver.where of the brain The research is now complete. pending publication in thebut the preliminary summary report is Massage has a positive effect on the brain.smell, taste, but hand massage has limitations. matter ofthe lightness of each massage therapist are different Massage on uneven points resulting in unstable results

“Herbs help you quit smoking” Ya Dok Khao herb (Yah Dok Khao) contains chemical constituents of Ya Dok Khao herb. Anti-nicotine of biologically active compounds in grass.The effects of Ya Dok Khao herb onanimal nervous system The effectiveness of using grass powderWhite flowers to reduce the craving for cigarettes in various forms that are widely used in the hole.A brewed tea that requires hot water and a bolus. to have more choices Therefore, herbs are produced from extracts of Ya Dok Khao, cloves, gooseberry and translucent in the form of baking powder, put into water and drink immediately. community

**The goal is to reduce the number of smokers9 million people in 2025
Ms. Rungarun Limlahaphan, Acting Director of the Office ofcontrol support The main risk factors ThaiHealth. Said that HSS is aware of the importance of the health effects of smoking. therefore initiated the development ofThe mechanism of advice on terminationsmoking in order to provide people with access to servicesconvenient and receive information on smoking cessation atright from the experts with a mechanism for giving adviceQuit smoking, both quitting and quittingself-help and quit with a doctor through treatmenttreatment with goalsThailand can reduce smoking ratesDim down according to the goals that His HighnessThe World Health Organization defines Reduce the smoking rate to 15% of the world’s population. or there are no more than 9 million smokers by 2025

“Currently, COVID-19 epidemic in Thailand It is a mutant strainUK that is easily infected and more violent The infection will go down to the lungs. causing the patient to have severe symptoms and more deaths which is a concernVery much. I would like to leave a message to people who smoke. and electronic cigarettes which will have chronic inflammationalready in the trachea and lungs from cigarette poisoning and electronic cigarettes making the ability to removeforeign matter and kill pathogens that enter the lungsAccompanied by reduced breath, increasing the risk of infectionViruses are easier than normal people.Miss Roong Arun Conclude

good vaccine for smokers in the roomThe time period for the Covid-19 outbreak is “quit smoking” from now on.from the beginning


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