World of Warcraft player gets every single achievement for Battle for Azeroth – Gambling


Two years ago, we wrote that a player with the nickname Xirev completed all the achievements at that time in World of warcraft. It took him six years, and in the final, he planned to suspend the race and devote his time to life and study.
Meet: Xirev two years later and its 3927 accomplishments accomplished. He managed to pass all the tests added by the addition “Battle of Azeroth“. Very timely: according to some assumptions Blizzard testing of the next add-on is about to begin, Shadowlands.

Xirev has collected almost all existing combat pets and most of the available mounts and toys. Behind it are 185 “Great Feats” and 396 achievements of heritage. All this brought him 33,585 achievement points, which do not affect anything and are not used in any way.

Since that time, Xirev has almost graduated from university. He plans to continue his heroic journey in Shadowlands, and intends to broadcast the entire process to Twitch.

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