World of Warcraft: Shadowlands | Blizzard revela trailer de ‘Chains of Domination’

During BlizzCon Online, Blizzard revealed ‘Chains of Domination‘with a full trailer. This is the first major update for ‘World of Warcraft: Shadowlands‘. The studio did not bring a release date, but confirmed that it will happen towards the end of the year.

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The eighth expansion of World of Warcraft sends players on a journey to Shadowlands, a kingdom of infinite afterlife, where mortal souls go to find a new purpose – or suffer eternal torment at the mercy of the jailer in his Tower of the Damned.

As players explore this supernatural frontier, they will discover the fate of Warcraft legends, forge a bond with one of the four Pacts that govern the disparate domains of the Dark Lands, and ultimately face a threat shrouded in darkness with projects to break the cosmos. .


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