World Stroke Day: One victim every 4 minutes in France

Every October 29 is World Stroke Day, a day dedicated to this pathology which claims nearly 155,000 victims each year in France, or one every 4 minutes.

Cerebral Vascular Accident

Cerebral Vascular Accident (stroke) is caused by a sudden stop in the blood flow (cerebral infarction) or by a ruptured artery (cerebral hemorrhage), which results in the death of brain cells. The faster the medical treatment, the better the stroke will be treated and treated.

Reunion mobilized

On the occasion of World Stroke Day, stakeholders are mobilizing to inform patients and users about the warning signs and the first steps to take in the event of these signs appearing: act quickly, by calling 15. Prevention campaigns are launched by the association France AVC Reunion, with the support ofARS Reunion and various partners, to sensitize the population.

5 strokes in 24 hours on average in Reunion

A person every 5 seconds in the world is affected by a stroke. The WHO speaks of a pandemic and projects an increase in the incidence of strokes from 16 million in 2005 to 23 million in 2030. In Réunion, 2,500 patients are treated for a stroke per year, or 5 strokes per year. 24 hours.

The rate of hospitalized people having suffered a stroke is 30% higher than in mainland France.
The average age of onset of stroke is 7 years younger on the island than in mainland France.

One of the main causes of death

It is one of the main causes of death in France. Cerebrovascular diseases are the leading cause of disability in adults in France, the leading cause of death in women and the second leading cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease.

Each year, 155,000 new people are affected by a stroke, 62,000 die.

Often overlooked or overlooked, near 800,000 French people are affected today by this pathology and more than 500,000 have disabilities.

Severe pathology

– ¾ of patients surviving a cerebrovascular accident have sequelae.
– 15% of strokes occur in people under 50, 25% in people under 65, i.e. in people in professional activity or of legal working age, and more than 50% in people over 75 years and older.

Warning signs of a stroke

Three symptoms should alert:
– A deformation of the mouth.
– Speech disorders: a sudden difficulty in finding or expressing words.
– Weakness or numbness on one side of the body, arm or leg.

Faced with these alerts, call center 15 without delay.
Stroke is an absolute emergency and in this case, the watchword is speed: everything is played in a few minutes. If the patient is taken care of quickly, the risk of irremediable brain damage is reduced.


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