World’s ‘oldest meal’ discovered in 550 million year old fossil

How did the first survive animals of the planet ? An international team of researchers from the Australian National University claim to have found traces of the “oldest meal” in the world. A discovery unveiled at the end of November in the scientific journal Current Biology.

To reach these conclusions, the team analyzed ancient fossils that they had discovered a few years ago, in 2018, in Russia. “Some of the earliest life on Earth is referred to as Ediacaran biota. This group is based on the oldest fossils ever discovered, providing evidence for complex, multicellular organisms.” Courrier internationalrelaying information from CNN.

In a fossilized specimen of Kimberella, which looks like a slug, the researchers discovered phytosterol molecules. These natural compounds, present in plantsthen suggest that the creature, which they say digested food in the same way as modern animals, “fed on algae and bacteria from the ocean floor“, reveals the American channel.

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