Worried! Covid today, “Chonburi”, 9 deaths, 5 found without vaccination

Worried! Covid today, “Chonburi”, 9 deaths, 5 found without vaccination

On April 28, 2022 at 06:40 a.m.

Chon Buri – Covid-19 cases found today, RT-PCR results 499, ATK 2,826, 9 more deaths, 5 unvaccinated, 3 received 2 injections, while 1 received only one injection. begging people to get vaccination needles according to the criteria

On April 28, 65, the Chon Buri Provincial Public Health Office reported that today there are 499 new cases of COVID-19 from RT-PCR, 2,826 ATK cases, 9 deaths, total of 261 cases (accumulated from 1 Jan. 65 )

As of April 28, 2022, Chonburi Province There are 995,432 people who have been vaccinated with 3 injections, which this month. There are 10,242 people who have completed 3 vaccinations (morbidity rate 1028.90 per 100,000 population), 11 deaths (1.11 per 100,000 population), 7 intubation (0.70 per 100,000 population), 21 pneumonia (2.11 per 100,000 population). population)

There are 1,929,365 people who have been vaccinated with 2 injections this month. There are 7,351 people who have completed 2 vaccinations (morbidity rate 381.01 per 100,000 population), 38 deaths (1.97 per 100,000 population), 32 intubation (1.66 per 100,000 population), 32 pneumonia (1.66). per hundred thousand population)

As for those who were vaccinated with only 1 dose of 136,591 and 263,117 people who were not vaccinated, a total of 399,708 people. This month, 8,915 unvaccinated and unvaccinated cases (morbidity rate 2230.38 per 100,000 population) were found this month. 70 deaths (17.51 ​​per 100,000 population), 41 intubation (10.26 per 100,000 population), 65 pneumonia (16.26 per 100,000 population)

Three new intubation cases were found today (one with a history of two doses of vaccination on October 7, 2021, and two with no history of vaccination).

1 new pneumonia patient (history of two doses of vaccination was found on October 7, 2021).

Nine new deaths (first case 67 years, second case 62 years, third case 52 years, fourth case 40 years, fifth case 91 years, sixth case 90 years, The seventh case was 58 years old, the eighth case was 87 years old, the ninth case was 88 years old). being an elderly person and have underlying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure cerebrovascular disease Abnormal lipids, lung disease (first case had a history of two doses on April 19, 2022, a second case with a history of two doses of vaccine on 20 September 2021, a third case had a history of two doses of vaccination on September 20, 2021; received two doses on September 24, 2021, the fourth had a history of one dose on October 19, 2021, and the other five had no history of vaccination).

Therefore, complete vaccination criteria especially the third needle which is a stimulant needle that people who live in Chonburi province have not received many injections Getting a booster shot will help reduce the severity of COVID-19. especially the elderly, those with congenital disease Residents in Chonburi province who have not been vaccinated or who have not received complete vaccination criteria have always had a high rate of severe symptoms and death. Ask for cooperation to receive complete vaccination needles according to the criteria.



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