would not relieve guayabo by rumba

Many of the Colombians who go out partying usually wake up the next day with the famous guava, discomfort caused by having ingested excessive alcoholic beverages, so they resort to products ‘miraculous’ to alleviate it.

Although the main recommendations are to hydrate regularly and catch up on lost sleep, there are those who do not have enough time to fully recover. That’s when they take products like Bonfiest Plus, recognized for allegedly relieving the ‘headache’ of rumberos.

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However, everything seems to indicate that the scope of the product would not be those offered by the brand, since, according to a Popular Action shared by Semana, this “only works for food discomfort and headache.”

Here, one of the promotions from a few years ago:

demandan to Bonfiest Plus for its publicity

Said solution was launched on the market in 2004 by Tecnoquímicas SA, according to the media mentioned above, as a relief for those who had hangover symptoms. Since then, different commercials have been broadcast that presented the product as the secret formula for the relief of discomfort, so for many it became the perfect solution.

Although it has solved the problems of several, it would not have been completely effective for others. In fact, the magazine mentions that in 2020 the lawyers Camilo Araque Blanco and Juan David Mesa Ramírez filed a Group Action against Tecnofar TQ SAS and Tecnoquímicas SA for advertising misleading, with which they would have affected a group of people.

On that occasion, the demand gathered by the media It asked to “recognize and pay compensation for the material and immaterial damages caused to the open and closed group of consumers” considering that they violated the regulations “through the practice known as misleading advertising.”

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But the most recent complaint came last Monday, September 26, after the First Section of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca admitted a Popular Action against the company Tecnoquímicas SA, the National Institute for Drug Surveillance (Invima), and the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), for “misleading advertising,” said Semana.

Lawyer Diana Consuelo Moreno Figuero, quoted by the magazine, said that an over-the-counter medicine to relieve stomach upset and headaches was turned into the secret to kill guava, so they intend to withdraw the commercials and even change the name (Bon fiest means good party in French), as this would not be the one for a product intended to relieve headache and upset stomach.

For his part, Ramiro Bejarano, a lawyer for the pharmaceutical companies, made it clear that it is a “litigation that is not called to prosper”, according to the medium, which mentions what in the answer to the lawsuit, among other arguments, state that the Bonfiest Plus is made up of caffeine and anhydrous, which make it an “antacid for the treatment of dyspeptic disorders caused by excess non-alcoholic beverages and food. Analgesic and antipyretic”,

Here, another of Bonfiest’s most famous commercials:

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