Would you buy an Apple virtual reality headset for 2,500 euros?

Today, Facebook is well positioned in virtual reality and augmented reality, thanks to the acquisition of Oculus in 2014. And the stakes for the company are high. Indeed, having missed the turn towards smartphones, Facebook does not intend to miss the one towards virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses.

And in these areas, Facebook’s main competitor may well be Apple. Indeed, although the Cupertino company is very discreet on the subject, we know that it is working on augmented reality and virtual reality products.

Like Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook valued that augmented reality devices will gain in importance in a few years. There are also rumors circulating about Apple’s work in this area. And patents filed by the firm, as well as its acquisitions of startups, also give us an idea of ​​the products on which Apple engineers are working.

A VR headset at 2,500 euros?

This week, a new rumor is circulating about a product that Apple is in the process of developing. According to an article in The Information, which is relayed by The Verge, the firm is working on a virtual reality headset that could cost 3,000 dollars, or the equivalent of 2,500 euros.

The product would make it possible to both enjoy a virtual reality experience, as well as augmented reality. And in order to offer these two types of immersive experience, Apple’s future product would have a dozen cameras, a LiDAR scanner (like the one on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro), and two 8K screens, allowing to have a resolution higher than that which one has on the products currently available on the market. Apple is also reportedly working on “eye tracking” technology that could allow the user to control the device with their gaze.

Otherwise, in order to maintain good battery life, Apple would develop a technology that does not display 8K resolution everywhere. This resolution would only be displayed on the parts watched by the user (the gaze would be detected via “eye-tracking), while on peripheral vision, a lower resolution would be used.

And still according to The Verge article, Apple is also working on a new processor that will be used by its AR / VR headset. This chip would be more efficient than the M1 chip used by the new Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro launched in the last quarter of 2020.

With all these advanced technologies, the high price of 2,500 euros would be justified. However, it is not certain that this price is suitable for the general public.

In any case, it is important to remember that for the moment, all this information is still to be considered with extreme caution, since it does not come from an official source. And since Apple never reveals information in advance about its future products, it will probably be necessary to wait for an official presentation to find out more.

We only recall that recently, Apple appointed Dan Riccio, one of the members of its management team, to lead a team that will work on a new project. In the announcement of the Cupertino company, Riccio said: “After 23 years leading our product design or hardware engineering teams – culminating in our biggest and most ambitious product year of all time – now is the right time for a change. Going forward, I can’t wait to do what I love most: focus all of my time and energy at Apple on creating something new and wonderful that I couldn’t be more excited about. “

Apple does not give details on ce mysterious new project. But for the media, this one concerns either the AR / VR, or the automobile.

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