WoW Classic wants to bring “fresh servers”

Almost in passing, Blizzard announced that WoW Classic will get new servers. Freshness that everyone has to start over on. The fans of “Vanilla” keep asking about this opportunity and now the joy is great, but there is also skepticism.

That was announced: As part of a major announcement, Blizzard has revealed how World of Warcraft will continue. Were among them Information about the upcoming patch 9.1.5 for Shadowlands and the upcoming phase 2 for WoW Classic with the new tier 5 raids.

In a small subordinate clause it says: “We are also working on a surprise for players from WoW Classicwho want a fresh start and we will inform you about our plans soon. ”(via

Fans agree: Blizzard has announced “fresh servers” for WoW Classic. Whether for WoW Classic, TBC Classic or both is not yet known.

The trailer for TBC Classic for everyone who wants to indulge in nostalgia.

What are “fresh servers”? On a fresh server, every player starts from scratch. Nobody has a “main” with which they can draw new characters or equip them immediately. It’s like everyone’s starting the game all over again.

Of course, veterans still have the benefit of experience and can optimize their level routes or farming. Nevertheless, the chances are much better distributed for everyone and, above all, one big problem is eliminated, as the players hope.

No more boosters – but will the servers be full enough?

This is why new servers are good: Often players offer so-called “boosts”. Are not Blizzard’s paid services meant, but “Dungeon Boosts”. Higher-level characters – mostly magicians – invite twinks into a group and run through dungeons again and again, pulling groups together and killing them using area spells.

This method gives many experience points within a short time for those drawn, who in turn pay gold for it – which was apparently not infrequently bought for real money, but this is forbidden.

For many fans of the Classic version, leveling and discovering the game is the core of WoW. To get to the endgame as quickly as possible and only get performance, as they say, expresses the fun. And what’s more: the economy is apparently being disrupted.

A big problem with WoW Classic and subsequently also TBC Classic is the economy of the servers. Some players, including boosters, can amass massive amounts of gold and rule the market at will.

This is the fear: It remains to be seen whether the new servers alone will be enough to eliminate the problem. Some players are demanding further changes such as nerfs for boosters or for the EP in dungeons (via But they also see a difficulty for new servers.

Depending on how many people start on the new servers, there could be too few players for raids – or the “wrong” ones. If there were enough players, for example, who all gamble in the “best classes” (like Fury Warriors, as one player fears), no functioning raid will come about.

Ouch, this WoW video hits you “straight into your feelings”

Especially players with little time could be put off by new servers, because without their “main” they need significantly longer to get a new character “raid-ready”. However, Blizzard has yet to tell how exactly all of this will work.

Either way, new servers for veterans as well as new players are a great way to watch WoW Classic (again): Why joining WoW BC Classic will still be worthwhile in 2021

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