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Last week, at 21th of Juneappeared Wreckfest for the Nintendo Switch. The racing game focuses less on polished cars and clean rides than on spectacular collisions and impressive collateral damage. A powerful physics engine slumbers under the hood of the action-packed title, which conjures up detailed vehicle and environmental damage on the screen. It was hard to believe at first that such a festival could also take place on the relatively weak Nintendo Switch, but it seems to work, like the colleagues from SwitchUp already recorded in a video (we reported). Now the technology enthusiasts are also taking part Digital Foundry the implementation, illuminate their presentation and make comparisons.

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Although the textures have taken a significant step backwards, unfortunately at the expense of some jokes, and the details around the racetrack have been noticeably simplified, the port for the hybrid cuts a surprisingly good figure. Plenty of intelligence in the cost-benefit calculation has been proven here, resulting in a solid relationship between optics and performance. The Nintendo Switch mostly manages to keep the targeted thirty frames per second. Only in rare scenes and in the optional flashbacks from different camera angles do we break into the twenties. In addition, the resolution is relatively high, so the image does not suffer from the typical blur filter that often plagues third-party productions on the hybrid. Overall, Digital Foundry is full of praise for the implementation, especially considering the limited scope.

Have you had similar experiences? How do you like the implementation so far?

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