Wrong mother’s advice… 5 health facts that are not true

Some of my mother’s advice about health has not been scientifically proven. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Breaking joints, making quadrupeds, etc.

When I was young, my mother’s ‘nagging’ remains in my memory for a long time. She tends to believe this to be true. Some of my mother’s advice on health has not been scientifically proven. Medical information site ‘Medical Daily’ A mother’s misconceptions about her health Five were selected.


“Don’t watch TV up close”

It’s true in the 1950s and 1960s. Not now. At that time, TVs were much better than today’s products. large amount of radiationcame out TVs these days are 100,000 times safer than they were back then.

In recent TV products, radiation is hardly ever come out It does not adversely affect the eyes. staring at the TV screen VisionIt is not destroyed. eye movementshould be done frequently. If you only stare at one place, fatigue easily accumulates. Once in a while farawaylook at nearbyYou have to open your eyes in the way you see.


“When I read a book in the dark, I close my eyes”

gloomat bookReading does not make you blind. “The act of reading in the dark can Eyein the long term damagedgive or physiological changebelieved to cause No reason, no proof” he says.

“If you read a book in the dark, Eyes fatigueIt is sure to make it happen, and if there is not enough light dilated pupilssun focusIt takes extra force to match tear“This phenomenon does not cause serious damage in the long term,” he said.

“Don’t make four eyes.”

According to an article published in the Harvard University Health Journal, function of the eyeto regulate small musclesare like any other body muscle bloodascan be done, but also resiliencethere is also

The human body develops to be able to handle the wear and tear caused by daily life. squintIn the eyes of making damagedNot only can I not give it, but my arms and legs are the same Nor is it fixed.


“Don’t break your knuckles”

Mothers are terrified as if their children would break their bones when they ‘dump’ and break their joints. According to the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center, breaking the knuckleThere is no proven evidence that arthritis causes arthritis.

According to research, clenching the knuckle ligament injury riskraise the Also, the habit of breaking the joints of the fingers gripThere are also studies that show that little impactappeared to have

“It’s cold with wet hair, but if I go out, I catch a cold”

Walking outside with wet hair in the cold winter is painful. According to research dry hair situationat getting a virus same hereAll. coldme flusilver virusis infected with chillnot caught due to

Scientists did an experiment. After injecting the cold virus into the noses of the test subjects, they were divided into two groups. One group was exposed to cold and wet conditions. The results showed that people who had a cold body did not get more colds than those who didn’t.

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