WTF: Cal Crutchlow injured while passing his Covid test – Moto – WTF

We do not know if Cal Crutchlow has already seen “The Goat”, but he could easily apply in the role of François Perrin, immortalized by Pierre Richard, in the event of a reboot of the franchise. Because the English pilot connects bad luck with astonishing regularity.

It all started with a heavy crash during the Spanish GP warm-up. Appraisal: a head trauma. A scaphoid fracture was subsequently discovered. Operated in the wake, Crutchlow returned to competition the following weekend in Andalusia. But this too rapid recovery had not allowed his arm to consolidate sufficiently. A new operation was inevitable. It was without taking into account an infection of his scar and the obligation to zap the two Italian GPs. Cured,

Crutchlow arrived at Barcelona with the aim of resuming competition at the Catalan GP. The arm appears to have healed, but the story doesn’t end there.As in a bad B series that doesn’t know how to dose its comedic efforts, Crutchlow ruptured the ligaments in his left ankle after slipping … on his way out from the cabin where the Covid-19 tests were carried out. Did you say black cat?


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