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Wu Danru took the second dose of the vaccine and laughed at himself, “I think I am really old”-Entertainment-Zhongshi News Network

57-year-old writer Wu Danru revealed that she finally received the first dose of vaccine. Not only did she have no side effects, she also didn’t feel sore at all in her arm. She said bluntly: “If the score is 100, the vaccine will not even reach 5 points.” Yesterday (29th) she revealed that she had received a second dose of the vaccine. She drank lemonade and added a lot of vitamin D. Unexpectedly, the answer turned out to be “no feeling”. She couldn’t help but laugh at herself as “very old.” “.

In May, due to the warming of the local epidemic of new crown pneumonia, the shortage of vaccines caused heated discussions. However, as many brands of vaccines have gradually arrived, the people have begun to choose vaccines based on their own needs and preferences. Last month, Wu Danru shared 48 hours ago Finally received the first dose of the vaccine. She didn’t expect it to be painful or itchy, and her arms were fine. She speculated that it might have something to do with her daily muscle training. “The goddess of epidemic prevention” Jia Yongjie left a message: “In fact, I think it should be different from person to person. It has nothing to do with age, because I don’t want to admit that I am also an old man.”

Wu Danru posted an article. (Photo/Retrieved from Wu Danru’s Facebook)

I saw a lot of people reminding that the second dose of side effects would be more serious. Wu Danru replied: “Let me observe and see if I can continue to confirm the above conclusions.” Yesterday she reported: “I received the second dose of vaccine the night before. I wait patiently for the side effects to come. But the answer is still nothing. (Of course I drink a lot of lemonade & vitamin D) I think I am really old hahaha.”

Wu Danru further said that a friend of her who works in the laboratory said that according to their research, the side effects are not related to the presence of antibodies. Another doctor advised her not to exercise within a week, but for her, it might be better than a vaccine. The side effects were uncomfortable, so she rode a bicycle to the city to buy things. When the weather was good, Wu Danru went to the park for a picnic and wrote: “Although things are full, it feels like a vacation.” The netizen responded: “My second I didn’t feel the medicine… (elderly certification +1)”, “My two doses of AZ, not only did not feel uncomfortable, but the appetite was very good on the day after the game”, “Going out to ride a bicycle, relax, and stay in a good mood is also a resistance. One of the ways to get rid of the epidemic”, “Seeing that the side effects have nothing to do with the presence or absence of antibodies, I feel more balanced in my heart.”

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