Wu Shanru’s wedding counts down to 3 months…and 30,000 people who liked the “baby photos” in the middle of the night were surprised: Super-like | Entertainment | CTWANT

Wu Shanru and Wu Zongxian. (Picture/Retrieved from IG/sandywis)

Variety show king Wu Zongxian recently married his second daughter, Wu Zehan, and his eldest daughter Wu Shanru (Sandy) also confirmed that he will be married on January 29 next year. And Wu Shanru suddenly posted a picture of a baby in the early morning (28th), which shocked the fans and thought they were happy. But look carefully, this is a photo of Wu Shanru when he was born.

Wu Shanru said, “This is the first photo of my birth. I’m crying, I’m crying, I guess my mother is crying after giving birth to the first child.” In the article, she used her good writing as a writer to write, “When you get along with someone who knows how to celebrate you, everything about you will be more meaningful than you think… the paintings you draw, your brush writing, the braids you tie specifically, your whole life will be meaningful.”

Wu Shanru said, so be with someone who knows how to celebrate you. You have to choose what style of human beings can be allowed to appear, and your toenails and collarbones will be appreciated. Just growth can be appreciated. You will Therefore, there is more opportunity to change, because there is the power that comes from deep love in the heart, so that you can choose to change.

She said emotionally, “Think about how many nourishment a baby who was only 50 centimeters in back then drew from this nasty world, how many topics he learned from the disappointing people, and grew up from the difficult future and the past. In fact. We are not too weak. We almost have the ability to transform. Sometimes it’s really only one step away. It’s right in front of us. If we break through, we will update. Don’t give up, don’t give up, because giving up is not what we want.”

As soon as the post came out, more than 30,000 people liked it; but there were also many fans crookedly commenting “You look like Brother Xian”, “This is Brother Xian”, “It looks like a cute version of Brother Xian”, “Don’t lie to me Now, this is when Brother Xian was a child.”


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