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On March 24, the 10th Wuliangye·Tomorrow Sculpture Award opened at the Art Museum of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, and an art speech show and award ceremony was held in the evening of the same day.As the exclusive support unit, Wuliangye’s “Great Country Fragrance” and the Tomorrow Sculpture Award, which is engraved with beautiful classics, met for the fourth time across borders, and jointly presented an art feast of “beauty and beauty” for domestic and foreign lovers.

Awards Ceremony

It is reported that since the first session of the Tomorrow Sculpture Award in 2013 to 2022, it has hosted 1,692 artists and 4,652 works from 13 countries and regions. After ten years of continuous cultivation, it has gradually shifted from the shaping of artistic works to the in-depth thinking of history, culture and society. It insists on being based on the present, and explores the ontological language of sculpture and the ideological trend of the times with the open vision of “global localization”. The tense relationship between them presents art as the in-depth writing of social consciousness by creative thinking. Its distinctive cutting-edge, experimental and cross-border academic pursuit, as well as international vision and participation, has gradually become an exhibition brand with important influence on Chinese contemporary sculpture.

Wuliangye joins hands with Tomorrow Sculpture Award


At the speech show and awards ceremony, Xiao Hao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Wuliangye Group, said in his speech that the Tomorrow Sculpture Award has become a professional award with great industry influence and leadership. From the present to the presentation of beauty, it embodies the ingenuity and original intention of the majority of art masters.

The cooperation between Wuliangye and Tomorrow Sculpture Award stems from the common artistic pursuit of both parties. Wuliangye has always been committed to the inheritance of beauty ingenuity, to the original pursuit of beauty, to the meticulous carving of beauty, and to follow the five-character formula of “planting, brewing, selecting, aging, and blending” good wine to express the ultimate art on the tip of the tongue and taste buds , to sublimate the art of ingenuity and classicism, to brew the art of flavor and harmony, to precipitate the art of time and balance, stick to the original mission, and continue to create happiness for employees, returns for investors, and beauty for consumers.

Wuliangye joins hands with Tomorrow Sculpture Award

Exhibition exchange

It is understood that the 10th Wuliangye·Tomorrow Sculpture Award has attracted a total of 700 pieces (groups) of works from artists around the world to participate in the evaluation since July 15, 2022. A total of 20 artists’ works were selected by the jury blindly.

The shortlisted works, as always, uphold the academic character of the Tomorrow Sculpture Award, highlighting the three current states of “human state”, “society state” and “sculpture’s own state”. At the awards ceremony held on the evening of the 24th, after 5 final evaluation judges scored on the spot, Wang Hao, the winner of the annual award, was finally selected; 4 artists of the year, Chen Yuchen, Deng Kun, Lu Zhengyuan, and Teng Jiaqi, were announced and awarded on the spot.

Wuliangye joins hands with Tomorrow Sculpture Award

Works on display

Wuliangye has a deep relationship with Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and Tomorrow Sculpture Award. In 2019, Wuliangye Group and Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides joined hands to integrate resources and launched all-round cooperation in cultural construction, park renovation, product design, brand image, art activities, art public welfare undertakings, etc., among which Tomorrow Sculpture Award It is one of the achievements of the deepening cooperation between the two parties. Starting from the 7th Tomorrow Sculpture Award in 2019, Wuliangye has been the exclusive supporting partner of the award for four consecutive years.

Continuous cross-border cooperation with Tomorrow Sculpture Award is Wuliangye’s brand cultural heritage, deep exploration of brand cultural connotation, innovative brand cultural communication, profound promotion of the harmonious and beautiful cultural concept of “harmony but difference, beauty and beauty”, continue to strengthen the strength of brand culture and art, and strive for To be the benchmark of cultural construction in the Chinese liquor industry, to tell the story of Chinese liquor and the innovative exploration of Wuliangye stories.

In order to meet the consumption needs of the new era and get close to young consumer groups, in recent years, Wuliangye has continued to innovate and carry out cross-border cooperation, and has increased brand promotion and IP activities. and other top brands in various fields have joined hands to create a series of cultural IPs such as “Shangxin·Forbidden City”, “Forbidden City”, “Wuliangye·Fate for Life”, “Yangtze River Culture Belt Miles”, “Greetings! China” and other cultural IPs, paying tribute to cultural and artistic classics with fine wine, And upgraded and created Wuliangye’s exclusive IP such as “5.20 Harmony Culture Festival”, “9.15 Store Celebration Day”, “12.18 Super Fan Festival”, the number of brand fans continued to grow, Wuliangye’s brand influence in the high-end consumer circle Power and word-of-mouth have steadily increased.

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