WWE TLC spoiler: a big comeback seems to be confirmed

Photo credit: WWE

According to Wrestling Observer, Charlotte Flair’s return to WWE TLC would be very likely.

Indeed, Charlotte Flair is currently behind the scenes of the ThunderDome in St. Peterburg, Florida according to their source. We must not forget that Asuka is still looking for a partner for the team fight against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the titles, it would then be likely to see Charlotte land for this clash.

Flair has been taken out of action since late June 2020 when she wanted to take time off for light cosmetic surgery, get some rest and take part in TV shoots as mentioned on Catch-Newz. On Instagram we saw that Charlotte was in good shape, will TLC be the right time for the return of the queen? We will have the answer during WWE TLC when you can follow the results LIVE and our Live Reactions on Catch-Newz.


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