Xavi on 5-0 with Ceuta: “I was wrong when I said that Barcelona were lucky with the draw” – Football

Main coach “Barcelona” Havi summed up the match with “Seutoi” (5:0) in the Spanish Cup.

“We recently had a positive experience, and it’s great that we did not lower the bar. There were problems in the first half, but we solved them in the second half and played well. We had a very high motivation, we took the matter seriously and professionally. We are happy and showed that we have an excellent squad.

These are not minor players. We are a team and this is very important. These players participated in very important matches and will play an important role in the future.

If we don’t sign anyone, it won’t be a tragedy. But it would be much better if we stepped up. Memphis personally asked me to let him go.

We are adding in many aspects. Two or three weeks ago we were not in this shape, but now we are stronger. And winning the Spanish Super Cup should allow us to believe that we can fight anyone. She did us good.

The trip to Ceuta turned out to be unpleasant, I’m surprised that she has such results, given the level of play she showed. I liked her game. I am surprised that the team has so few points, I wish her success. I was wrong when declaredthat we were lucky with the draw,” Xavi said.

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