Xavier Van Dam takes refuge behind his right to silence and does not answer any questions

The Namur Assize Court continued Monday the trial of Xavier Van Dam, accused of kidnapping, rape, and murder on Wivinne Marion, on November 1, 2018 in Namur. After the reading of the indictment by Advocate General Audrey Seminara, President Olivier Warnon proceeded to question the accused. He made use of his right to silence regarding the facts of the case.

When Olivier Warnon asks him if he agrees to answer his questions, the accused replies: ” Above all, I agree to take my responsibilities. I don’t have much more to explain since I can’t explain to myself what happened. “

In the early afternoon, President Warnon tried to question Van Dam about the events that took place on the day. And the accused responds again: “I want to take my responsibilities. I still do not understand the murder of Mrs. Marion. I wish to make use of my right to silence. I won’t go any further.“When the president asks him if he knew the victim, the accused replied:” I do not wish to answer, I wish that my right to silence is respected.“The answer is the same when the judge asks him if he had used narcotics on the day of the incident.

And Olivier Warnon to insist: “You don’t want to express yourself, but do you confirm the positions you adopted during the training? You have memory lapses ? Did you throw the vehicle into the Sambre?

Faced with the lack of response from Van Dam, Olivier Warnon declares: “This is a case that I have never known before. But appeal to your conscience, Think of the relatives of the victims who have been wondering for 3 years, of the victim’s 2 young children who are wondering, who are trying to find out why their mother has never returned from a banal jog . You don’t want to relieve them, give them an answer?“Van Dam responds:”It’s impossible to explain anything to me, I don’t want to say more. I can’t explain to myself what happened. “

The trial continued with the presentation of the work of the investigators.

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