Xbox apologizes for lack of XSX and XSS units


By: Braulio Ramirez Jara | 17-11-20

As we know, the new generation of consoles has just arrived, and with this landing, we have seen how the units have flown. Both PlayStation and Xbox, marked a great sold out of all their consoles, even having claims from the players. Now then, the CEO of Xbox has come out to apologize for the lack of units produced for both Xbox Series x and Series S.

This was revealed by Phil Spencer during an interview with the GlitchCon medium, where the manager spoke about the sales of the console. He also revealed that the production of new units is being carried out in order to meet the great demand that there is for the console. On the other hand, he assured that the demand is too high, due to which they have not been able to provide for all gamers.

“The main request I get over and over again is, ‘It’s too hard to get the consoles right now,’ and well, I really do apologize for that. I mean, we’ve been making them for almost two months and I’ve tried to get as many to stores as we can, but the demand is just too high. The developers did fantastic jobs, I mean this is a crazy year with all kinds of hurdles to get the games and platforms made, so congratulations to all the teams, both Sony and us, and everyone in third parties for getting it done. that we have been able to do; it’s just been fantastic, ”Spencer said.

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