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If you’re not an Xbox fan, Seamus Blackey’s name may be unfamiliar to you. However, we are talking about the creator of the console that came out in 2001. Blackley recently shared a curious anecdote, citing a tweet from Dina Bass, a renowned journalist from Bloomberg. According to the creator of Xbox, in the past he was almost fired from Microsoft for comparing video games to masturbation.

Xbox creator angered Bill Gates for linking video games to masturbation

The renowned journalist, in her tweet, had mentioned the following sentence

The video game is like masturbation. Everybody does it, but nobody wants to talk about it.

That is why Blackley quoted the tweet, mentioning that this phrase almost got him fired at Microsoft for the year 2001, weeks before the official launch of his console, the original Xbox.

In addition, it has been recognized that the journalist used this phrase in one of her articles after she had a conversation with Blackey in 2019, where she highlighted the “memorable” anecdote.

The creator of Xbox acknowledged that he got into a lot of trouble back then because of that phrase, even though he initially mentioned it as an argument in favor of online multiplayer. What was not expected is that both Steve Palmer, CEO of Microsoft at the time, and Bill Gates, were infuriated by Blackley’s words.

However, today this curious phrase by Blackey has already gone viral in different places, especially on social networks. Even an image made by Gamespot was shared by the creator of Xbox where they use the word masturbation to refer to video games.

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