Xbox: Microsoft is preparing a new quiz game

Having seen the light of day in the summer of 2009, the video game adaptation of the TF1, 1 against 100, had been able to make the players happy Xbox Live before having to bow out. Well aware that this type of game is lacking on its consoles, Microsoft had mentioned recently, his desire to offer a new quiz game to his fans.

We learn today that this desire is about to materialize with the discovery of a new project from the studios of the American firm. Recently, the company owns the brand Impossible Quiz for the world of video games. This evocative name therefore leaves no room for doubt as to the nature of the project which is currently in development.

Impossible Quiz Microsoft Xbox Series X

It is good to note thata game of the same name is already present on the store PC de Microsoft and that we are entitled to ask ourselves if the company was able to buy the license or if, on the contrary, it is developing a game Xbox of the same name. One thing is certain, a new game which should put our intellect to the test is in the works. To be sure that you can take advantage of it and meet your friends from all over the world, there is still time to take out a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.


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