Xbox Series: FPS Boost begins to roll out

On the menu, old titles at 60 FPS, or even more!

Microsoft has just announced the availability of its FPS Boost technology. It doubles and even quadruples the number of frames per second by forcing game engines to “render faster”.

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The spirit of the games should therefore be respected and we should not encounter a title whose gameplay is also accelerated, a problem that can affect PCs on often very old titles.

The first five games will benefit from the FPS Boost:

Far Cry 4

New Super Lucky’s Tale

Sniper Elite 4


Watch Dogs 2

This technology seems to require adjustment for each game. As with Xbox 360 backward compatibility, titles will be adapted as you go. Microsoft should also quickly announce a new batch of titles benefiting from FPS Boost.

On the other hand, Microsoft will also be including several of these titles in Game Pass, like this month with New Super Lucky’s Tale and Sniper Elite 4.

If you want to replay a title in its original form, no problem, FPS Boost can be disabled. By pressing the Xbox button, the menu will also tell the player if FPS Boost mode is active.

This improvement should benefit the Xbox Series X, but also the Xbox Series S. The FPS Boost should only improve the number of FPS, there is no question here of adding filters to soften the image. Microsoft and the developers are keen to keep the original spirit of the games.

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