Xbox Series S: Microsoft acknowledges it’s additional development for studios

This week, David Cage has let it be known that he doesn’t really like the Xbox Series S, because the studios will have to develop their games to two consoles with different configuration, and this may pull the level down, to make the title work easily on Xbox Series S, and of course on the more powerful Xbox Series X.

Although it will take several months, even years, before verifying this fear, Phil Spencer admits having two consoles with different configurations puts extra work on developers, as he explained to Kotaku :

But absolutely, it’s work. there is no doubt. The fact that you have two performance setups now, I’m not going to praise it or try to PR and say that having two different setups equals having only one. This is not true. We are doing this because we want to expand the market.

Because yes, with 200 € less on the purchase price, the Xbox Series S has something to attract a certain audience, despite more limited performance and the absence of a disk drive. Phil Spencer even goes so far as to admit that she can seduce PlayStation 5 buyers, as a second console:

Maybe buying two $ 500 consoles will be a tough thing, so we were like, “Hey, let’s make sure we’ve got something to nab a second console owner.”

Like the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S will be available from November 10, and you can pre-order it against € 299.99 at Micromania.

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