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Microsoft is introducing an FPS Boost feature for the Xbox Series X and S. This allows the consoles to play some backwards compatible games at a higher frame rate. The feature is currently supported by five games, but will be added to more titles later.

The feature now works with Far Cry 4, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, Watch Dogs 2 and New Super Lucky’s Tale, reported Microsoft. All those games run at 30fps on the last-gen Xbox One and One S. With FPS Boost, this frame rate is increased to 60fps on the Series X and S. An exception to this is New Super Lucky’s Tale, of which the frame rate is increased to 120fps, with a 4k resolution on the Series X and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels on the Series S.

Microsoft is also introducing a new interface option for FPS Boost. Starting this spring, users can download a compatibility optionssection in the menus of the Series consoles. With that, users can turn FPS Boost and Auto HDR on and off as desired. The consoles also get an FPS Boost indicator, which is shown when users are playing a supported game and press the Xbox button.

Digital Foundry, Eurogamer’s technical department, has tested the function in confirms that Microsoft’s performance claims will be fulfilled. The claimed frame rates are almost always stably achieved according to Digital Foundry; only the frame rate of Sniper Elite 4 occasionally drops to mid-50fps in certain scenes. Microsoft confirms to Digital Foundry that the function works at Direct3D level, so no game code needs to be changed. In time, the ‘possible’ function could also be added to Xbox and Xbox 360 games, the tech company reports.

While the list of current FPS Boost games is limited at release, Microsoft writes that the feature will be added to more games in the coming months. The company states that ‘many of these upcoming FPS Boost games’ will be part of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s game subscription service. Sniper Elite 4 and Super Lucky’s Tale are already part of Game Pass.

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