Xbox Series X and Series S: sales figures for the launch in Spain | Xbox one

The arrival of the new consoles has been somewhat eventful. With the current health crisis, the release of the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 is nothing ordinary, which did not prevent Microsoft and Sony from selling all the stock they had available. In the columns of Vandal, sales figures are advanced for the Spanish market.

Figures similar to those of the Xbox One for Microsoft

By offering two consoles with different configurations, Microsoft wanted to reach a wider range of players with an entry price for the new generation of € 299. The Xbox Series X | S would have sold 10,500 and 3,600 units respectively; that’s pretty much near similar numbers to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One launches. In fact, the first two Microsoft consoles had sold 14,900 and 15,000 units respectively on Spanish territory.

In comparison, the PlayStation 5 becomes the best-selling PlayStation home console there with 43,000 units sold against 38,000 for the PlayStation 4.

Out of stock continues

Even today, it is very complicated to order an Xbox Series X or a PS5 when a few parts are available again. It is thus difficult to estimate the success of the machines and to get an idea of ​​the real sales figures since many players are still in search of a console. It is also difficult to compare Sony and Microsoft since, in addition to both being out of stock, we do not know the number of units allocated to the different markets either.

To draw a parallel with France, we are generally in the same situation since the few consoles that are offered in stock after the release immediately find buyers. If you hope to find an Xbox Series X, you will have to remain attentive to our social networks since new consoles will be available on Monday ! Do not hesitate to consult our article which explains where to find an Xbox Series X with regular updates to let you know at which merchants future stocks are expected, and on what dates.

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