Xbox Series X | S Smart Delivery is a Winning Move According to Unity Director

The backward compatibility it is not only a marketing tool but also the identity of Microsoft consoles. Xbox really believes that playing four generations games on one device, and also with an improved experience is something that allows the user to have a complete experience as a gamer. And if this is added features such as Smart Delivery then you have the recipe to change the way you experience backward compatibility. Thats why he Xbox Series X | S Smart Delivery is a winning move according to the Unity CEO.

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Much has been said about the backward compatibility. But what little has been deepened is the fact that a function is needed that makes the process of downloading your games in the new generation optimized and easy. Something that only on Xbox Series X and Series S is a reality. According Brett Bibby, Unity Product ManagerWhich is one of the most widely used game development engines in the industry, Smart Delivery in particular is a winning move.

“Smart Delivery on Xbox is a great example, it certainly lengthens the life of many Xbox Ones that would otherwise be stored in a closet once replaced (…). The changes we are seeing in this generation really reflect this, providing more opportunities to play what you want when you want and where you want.

Bibby in a recent interview

The Smart Delivery it is a much more useful function than you might think. But its usefulness is precisely that it does not feel what it does. How is this? We have already heard from COD: Cold War version issues on PS5 that I was downloading the PS4 version and that caused problems. Well, the Smart Delivery is about downloading the best version for your console. And not only that. Not only do you bring the game to your new console, but you have all your progress, your profile and your account, without doing more than just downloading the game.

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