Xbox Series X|S exclusive games will suffer inflation in 2023

Microsoft announces that its exclusive games for Xbox Series X|S will cost more in 2023. They will go from $60 currently to $70 in Uncle Sam’s land. That’s probably 70 or 80€ with us. The first titles concerned will be Redfall, Forza Motorsport et Starfield, all three AAA behemoths of the Xbox ecosystem. Microsoft is therefore approaching the price of blockbusters from third-party publishers, displaying the same price range on new-gen.

A surprise which ultimately is not one, given that Phil Spencer had announced increases to come last October. But rest assured, il will always be possible to benefit from an unbeatable price thanks to the Game Pass. Because let’s not forget that all exclusive Microsoft games will arrive day-one in this essential service!

Come on, for the road, 15 minutes of gameplay for Starfield :

BLACKTAIL – a new trailer about the game’s environments

Star Wars Jedi Survivor – trailer at the Game Awards and release in March 2023?

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