Xbox will continue its studio buyout policy

Microsoft has not finished with the studio buyouts. Here is the speech given by Phil Spencer this Monday, October 18 at the WSJ Tech Live, an event organized by the Wall Street Journal. The strong man of Xbox has indeed delivered an exclusive interview, returning in particular to the ambitions of the firm in terms of acquisition.

To fuel its Game Pass, Xbox understood that it needed games. Strong titles, capable of triggering and garnering subscriptions, and exclusive to its catalog. But even more, the firm seems to want to marry quality and quantity. A policy that must ensure continuous subscriptions and therefore more income for the firm. And to achieve this, Microsoft has, in recent years, captured 18 of the most talented and creative development studios in the world.

Xbox ready to invest in new studios

However, if Microsoft’s first-party studios now number 23 units, it seems that the appetite of the American giant is not satisfied. And to the question of whether other buybacks are possible in the future, the boss of Xbox responds in the affirmative.

“We are always on the lookout for people and teams who could match our strategy. So we are certainly not finished. ” slips Phil Spencer during the Tech Live conference of Wall Street Journal. A clear speech on the intentions of the executive vice president of Microsoft in charge of gaming who nevertheless specifies that he does not have a precise timetable. “There is no quota, no deadline in which I have to acquire studios by a certain date, but if we find a studio that suits us… absolutely.” he adds.


Phil Spencer has already spoken about some of the opportunities he would like to pursue. He has already expressed his desire to see more games for all audiences or intended for the family arrive on the Game Pass, as well as that of seeing more Asian studios join Xbox Game Studios. But it would be surprising if these were the only profiles considered for hypothetical acquisitions.

Who will be the next elected officials? The bets are open. New licenses should therefore join the Skyrim, Doom, Halo, Power and others Fable in the Xbox wallet, but not knowing exactly when. Nevertheless, this certainty remains: Xbox does not intend to stop at 23 internal studios.

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