Xbox will price next-gen games in due course

Since the announcement of the next generation consoles, the price of games has been a hot topic. Several publishers have indeed mentioned their intention to increase the selling price of their productions on Xbox Series X | S and PS5 and players naturally grumble at prices they consider too high. This is particularly the case for Activision or 2K which sell Next-gen versions of their games € 10 more expensive than the Xbox One and PS4 versions. A path that Xbox could also follow for its first parties?


The price of big budget games has been relatively stable in recent years. The big productions of the industry, the famous AAA, are generally sold at a price of 69.99 € in France. Prices that often benefit from commercial offers during the launch period, via supermarkets (Carrefour, Auchan, ..) and e-commerce (Amazon, Fnac, etc.). But with the next gen, that could well evolve, even at Xbox. It’s Tim Stuart, the company’s chief financial officer, who opens the door to a price hike.

We don’t have any specific first party game price announcements to make at this time. We will therefore do so in due course.

A rather vague speech which suggests that the subject is currently at the heart of the discussions. Microsoft has not changed the price of its games for several generations, and its subscriptions, like the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, remain very attractive despite the recurring addition of games and services to the offer (EA Play, xCloud,…). Will the prices of Xbox Series X and Series S games be revised upwards soon? Even if for the moment nothing is announced, Tim Stuart in any case gives arguments to go in this direction.

Prices haven’t gone up for a few generations now, so it’s no wonder this stuff is happening.

To come back to the previous point, production costs have increased. And these publishers and creators, including ourselves, want to make sure that you are making the right gross profit, the right income, to develop great new games. And you want to make sure you have good sales to back that up.


And for the Xbox Game Pass you will ask. Well Tim Stuart doesn’t mention it. The latest information obtained from Xbox France suggested that the price of the service would not change in the coming months. In the conquest phase, Xbox seems to want to bring more value to its offer while ensuring a very aggressive price. Hopefully this will be maintained as long as possible.

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