Xi Jinping has not visited abroad in the past two years, two possible reasons and effects-BBC News

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Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has not visited abroad for nearly two years, while leaders of other major countries have begun to visit abroad and participate in international conferences.

In response to the heated discussion, some political scholars told the BBC Chinese that the epidemic may be one of the important factors for not going abroad, but the huge differences between China and the United States and other developed countries have entered a “cold peace” state. This state will not be caused by the leaders. State visit and change.

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The last time Chinese leader Xi Jinping went abroad was a state visit to Myanmar on January 17, 2020. Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency reported that Xi Jinping attended 12 events and signed 29 cooperation documents in various fields.

But only 6 days later, Wuhan announced the closure of the city, and the new crown epidemic broke out and spread to the world. After that, Xi Jinping did not visit again.

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