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On August 1, Xiao Ruoteng, a player of the Chinese team, completed all the actions in the game. On the same day, in the men’s gymnastics floor exercise finals of the Tokyo Olympics, Xiao Ruoteng of the Chinese team won the bronze medal. China News ServicePhoto by reporter Han Haidan

  (Tokyo Olympics) Xiao Ruoteng won his third personal medal, Lu Yufei fourth on uneven bars

  China News ServiceTokyo, August 1st (Reporter Yue Chuan) On the 1st local time, the Tokyo Olympics gymnastics event started a single competition. Chinese athlete Xiao Ruoteng won the third place in men’s free exercise, which was his third medal in this Olympics.

There were four gold medals in men’s free exercise, women’s vault, men’s pommel horse and women’s uneven bars. Chinese player Xiao Ruoteng entered the free exercise finals, Sun Wei entered the pommel horse finals, Fan Yilin and Lu Yufei participated in the uneven bars competition.

In the men’s free exercise finals, many people including the famous Russian Olympic Committee player Nagorny made mistakes, and their overall performance was not as good as the qualifying round. Xiao Ruoteng, ranked seventh in the preliminaries, scored 14.766 points with high-quality moves, of which 8.566 points were the highest in the game. In the end, Xiao Ruoteng won the bronze medal. Israel’s Dolgo Piat and Spain’s Zapata won the championship and runner-up respectively.

Xiao Ruoteng was satisfied with his performance in the competition after winning the bronze medal in many individual events. This is the third medal he has won in this Olympics.

As Xiao Ruoteng said, this Olympic Games adopts the “4+2” registration rules. In addition to the four players participating in the team competition, two other players from each team are allowed to compete in individual events, which greatly increases the intensity of individual competition. For Xiao Ruoteng, who focuses on all-around, this bronze medal is not easy.

With one silver and two bronze results, Xiao Ruoteng ended his first Olympic trip. Xiao Ruoteng said frankly that he has already reached the level of training, even super level. He was proud of raising the national flag three times; he regretted not being able to play the national anthem.

Fan Yilin and Lu Yufei are also regretful. Fan Yilin, the world champion, only participated in the uneven bars this time. In the final, she performed well on the bars, but she did not succeed in the move, and finally ranked seventh with 13.900 points. Lu Yufei finished fourth with 14.400 points, only 0.1 points away from the podium.

Earlier, Lu Yufei had a weapon drop error in the team competition, but she overcame this problem today. The disadvantage is that Lu Yufei originally planned to complete a set of 6.2 points of difficulty, but because the connection was broken, the difficulty was reduced by 0.2 points. “If you are more aggressive and confident in the competition, the result may be different.” Lu Yufei said that compared to the level of training, she did not perform well in this Olympics, but neither herself nor the team. give up.

In the men’s pommel horse finals, Sun Wei, who had been troubled by a wrist injury, made mistakes, but he still insisted on finishing the game and finally ranked eighth. Like Xiao Ruoteng, Sun Wei, who participated in the Olympics for the first time, also completed 19 sets of moves and tried his best in the competition.

“There is a chance, I don’t want to give up. I can walk step by step to the present, with regrets, but no regrets.” Sun Wei said that he will work hard for the Paris Olympics in three years.

According to the schedule, on the 2nd, the gymnastics event will produce three gold medals: men’s rings, women’s free exercises, and men’s vaulting. Chinese players Liu Yang and You Hao will launch an impact on the rings. (Finish)


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