Xiao Yaxuan and 16-year-old Huang Hao were exposed to compound bites of two dogs

Xiao Yaxuan and 16-year-old Huang Hao were exposed to compound bites of their dogs

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  Netease Entertainment reported on August 28 On the 28th, a Taiwanese media said that it had received exclusive news that Xiao Yaxuan, who had just passed her 42nd birthday, and her 16-year-old boyfriend Huang Hao quietly reunited this month.

And this relationship presses the “Start” button again, and the key to the two reconciliation is actually the dog raised by Xiao Yaxuan. It turned out that during the “Cold War” between the two, Huang Hao still went to Xiao Yaxuan’s home to visit the dogs, and helped to slowly warm up their feelings.

The media contacted Xiao Yaxuan’s agency as soon as possible. The other party said that they could not respond to the emotional affairs on her behalf. Xiao Yaxuan did not answer the phone and could not get her response. However, Xiao Yaxuan’s recent photos have already revealed the answer-Xiao Yaxuan sent out a few days ago with his brother’s family. A group photo of the mouth, a warm birthday, sweeping away the depressed mood of the past, it looks like a good mood, and the person who took this photo is his little boyfriend Huang Hao.

Although the two were separated for a time, Huang Hao did not cut off with Xiao Yaxuan. He was still an artist under her company. In addition to official contact between the two, Huang Hao would also care about Xiao Yaxuan’s injuries. The two did not blame the dog who bit them. . After calming down, the two sides determined the importance of each other and decided to hold hands again.

Xiao Yaxuan suddenly posted “I am Done” at the beginning of last month. Sad remarks were suspected of breaking up with the man. She later clarified that the two were just “pausing”. Huang Hao wanted to take Xiao Yaxuan to Vancouver, but Xiao Yaxuan had to undergo surgery at the end of the month to decline the invitation. After a big quarrel, the man moved away from Xiao Yaxuan’s residence overnight.

During the interview, Xiao Yaxuan said in the tone of teaching her little boyfriend: “I hope he will get along with his parents and know that I am a good woman.” Huang Hao also said that his parents do not care about him, but she cares very much. During the period, the man once said, “I will not go back. “To save this relationship, Xiao Yaxuan felt that it would be very hurt if it continued like this, and he needed to pause for a while.

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