Xiaomi 14: what to expect from this future range of premium smartphones?

2023-09-22 16:30:00

Xiaomi follows a fairly clear renewal schedule for its ranges. While the 13T and 13T are already in the starting blocks for a launch this fall, rumors concerning the future 14 series are already reaching the ears of enthusiasts. One point is therefore necessary.

An announcement at the end of the year

The Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro were unveiled in China at the end of 2022 and it’s a safe bet that next December, their successors will be too. We can count without too much risk on a European launch around the next MWC in Barcelona, ​​which will be held from February 26 to 29, 2024. Marketing could follow fairly quickly.

The power of Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

The Chinese manufacturer maintains excellent relations with Qualcomm and its future high-end could be among the very first smartphones to offer the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, following in the footsteps of the Xiaomi 13 with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. We don’t see why Things would change, barring supply difficulties, but all the lights seem green.

We have already mentioned the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 here. Qualcomm’s new platform seems promising with its new architecture combined with new cores: Cortex-X4 for the very high performance core, probably five units of Cortex-A720 for the mid-range cores and Cortex-A520 for the cores dedicated to performance tasks. base.

The US platform’s AI would be optimized for hybrid use combining cloud and local execution. The graphics part would progress for its part, hoping that the games catalog will follow. The X75 modem and a new radio chip including Bluetooth 5.4 would also be included. At the same time, we are talking about a more powerful ISP (chip dedicated to image processing), enough to cope with photo sensors overflowing with pixels and 8K capture. Doubts persist around the fineness of the engraving. Will Qualcomm simply optimize the 4nm process currently used or will Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mean a move to 3nm? A little more patience: the Snapdragon Summit, which traditionally welcomes new American chips, will be held at the end of October in Hawaii.

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The screen diagonals (6.73 inches for the 13 Pro) and their main characteristics (OLED, 120 Hz) should not really change, even if we expect their brightness to exceed 2000 nits in peak HDR. The Xiaomi 14 could also adopt a more pragmatic design. The 13 series smartphones, and more particularly the 13 Pro, are quite heavy with a glass design which makes them rather slippery, which is contributed to by their curved format. The Chinese brand’s teams could integrate these comments shared by many specialists, but also consumers.

Battery and charging

The battle over charging power may be on hold. The latest rumors do not suggest any upheaval in this regard. The Xiaomi 14 should offer 90 W and 50 W wired wireless charging, compared to 67 and 50 W respectively for its predecessor. The Pro version could have exactly the same characteristics as its predecessor, i.e. 120 W in wired mode and 50 W in wireless mode. Advances in battery energy density would make it possible to gain capacity without increasing bulk. The Xiaomi 14 could have a 4860 mAh battery, compared to 4500 mAh for the Xiaomi 13, while the Pro version would go from 4800 to 5000 mAh.


The Internet is silent on the subject, which may come as a surprise. This may mean that this is precisely where Xiaomi’s efforts will mainly focus, but on which axes? Will the successor to the 1-inch Sony IMX 989 sensor arrive with even more in-depth optimization work by Leica?

One thing is certain, Xiaomi will continue to benefit from its partnership with the German photography specialist. The emphasis could be placed on video while waiting for more impressive telephoto lenses than ever, but which should be reserved for the future Ultra version generally presented in the spring. For photography, all we know is that we don’t know anything… That’s what makes it more exciting than ever.

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Even if the future Xiaomi 14s have not yet revealed all their characteristics, the Chinese manufacturer is preparing its weapons. It could also create a surprise on the price side, the quality/price ratio of the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro seeming less than impressive than before compared to the competition.

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