Xiaomi’s drive record running test found in Aliek

Xiaomi has a strong image as a cheap and high-performance smartphone maker, but since 2014, it has entered the smart home appliance market and has released many next-generation home appliances such as rice cookers and air purifiers. “Mi Dash Cam 2” is a drive recorder produced by Xiaomi. It supports 2K image quality and is equipped with voice recognition (Chinese).

Xiaomi's drive record running test found in Aliek

Xiaomi Drive Recorder is premised on cooperation with smartphones

Xiaomi’s drive recorder “Mi Dash Cam 2” found in Aliek is characterized by cooperation with smartphones, and by adding this unit to the MiHome app that manages Xiaomi home appliances, you can centrally manage it on the app along with other products. is possible.

Installed by attaching the diagonally cut upper part of the main body to the windshield. Adjust the angle of view with the angle of the camera. Before using it, you need to connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and register the main unit in the Mi Home app.

Xiaomi’s drive recorder is a specification that assumes cooperation with a smartphone. You can check the real-time video from your smartphone. Most operations, such as starting/stopping recording and taking pictures, are performed from the smartphone.

The recorded data is divided into folders for each shooting mode. It has functions as a general drive recorder such as constant recording, event recording, parking monitoring, and photography.

Xiaomi drive recorder is high resolution anyway

Then, what about the ability as an essential drive recorder? I actually ran day and night with the actual machine I got from AliExpress and checked its performance.

The 2K resolution video is very clear in the daytime drive recorder video. Of course, the number plate of the preceding car was also perfect. It’s not a high-contrast “drive recorder-like” image, but it’s a 100 million-pixel smartphone manufacturer, so the image quality is as expected.

The nighttime video is not as bright as the recent high-sensitivity drive recorders, but the resolution is high anyway, so there is no problem in identifying the number. I was able to record stable images with little overexposure and blackout.

Xiaomi’s drive recorder has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 dots and a horizontal angle of view of 140 degrees. The memory is a microSD card (up to 32GB). Size/weight is 92W x 51.5H x 18Dmm/120g. The actual price is 10,974 yen.

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