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[The Epoch Times, August 8, 2022](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Zhong Yuan in Taipei) Speaker of the U.S. House of RepresentativesPelosiThe CCP was annoyed when she led a delegation of heavyweight congressmen to visit Taiwan. After she left Taiwan, she started military exercises in the regions around Taiwan. Xie Jinhe, chairman of Taiwan Caixin Media, said that the CCP is accelerating its decoupling from the world.

Xie Jinhe: CCP intimidationPelosiVisit Taiwan to become a world-class standard

Xie Jinhe said in a Facebook post that on the evening of the 3rd, many Taiwanese people watched Nancy Pelosi’s flight leave Taiwan. This whirlwind visit of less than 20 hours, due to the CCP’s high decibel level, made Pelosi in Asia. The flight has become the focus of the world. On the evening of the 2nd, more than 500,000 people tracked the plane online. This time, her trip to Taiwan should be the biggest event since President Eisenhower came to Taiwan in 1960. In fact, Pelosi’s trip to Asia has only one focus: Taiwan!

On August 3, 2022, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi led a congressional delegation to the Taiwan Legislative Yuan. (Lin Shijie / The Epoch Times)

He pointed out that Pelosi’s trip to Asia, because of the intimidation of the CCP, made Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan a world-class standard. There will be big changes in the world in the future. The wrestling between the United States and China will affect the overall situation of the world in the next ten years, twenty years or even thirty years. China began to face the bubble adjustment in the 1990s, and the future pressure will be wave after wave… The United States is gradually laying out the situation of “encircling the world”. “The CCP is accelerating its decoupling from the world. The new situation in the world is beginning to change. This is our great era!”

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif., center left) receives the “Special Ribbon” presented by President Tsai Ing-wen (center right) of the Republic of China at the Presidential Office in Taipei on August 3, 2022 The Qingyun Medal” was photographed after. (Chien Chih-Hung/Office of The President via Getty Images)

Pelosi is the most senior U.S. dignitary to visit Taiwan in 25 years since then-U.S. House Speaker Gingrich in 1997. Pelosi visited President Tsai Ing-wen of the Republic of China on the morning of the 3rd and was awarded the “Special Grand Shouqingyun Medal”. Pelosi said that the delegation came to Taiwan this time and made it clear to the outside world that “we will never renege on our commitment to Taiwan.”

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Xie Jinhe said that after Pelosi left Taiwan, the CCP fired 11 Dongfeng missiles, which is the most tense situation between the two sides since the Taiwan Strait crisis in 1996. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan may trigger the fuse of a complete reversal between the Western camp and the CCP. The situation in the Taiwan Strait will not be calm in the future. It is likely to further confirm the statement of Ming Juzheng, honorary professor of the Department of Political Science of National Taiwan University: Taiwan will be extremely uncomfortable, but Taiwan is very difficult. Safety.

In retaliation for Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China announced on the 1st that it would ban the import of some foods and fruits from Taiwan. On the 3rd, a notice was issued to suspend the import of Taiwanese citrus fruits, chilled white hairtail, and frozen horse mackerel. Xie Jinhe said that in the future, Taiwanese businessmen in China will suffer more and more pressure, and the distance between the two sides of the strait will become farther and farther.

Xie Jinhe said that in the past 400 years, there have been different races on the land of Taiwan, and cultures have blended and interacted. Who does Taiwan belong to? The answer is very simple, it is the place where the 23 million people living on this island live together and settle down. “Only if this island is better, our future generations will be better. We must create multiple values ​​and integrate people who love this land. Everyone.” If someone disagrees, they can also choose to leave and embrace different values ​​and institutions.

Cao XingchengDonate 100 million US dollars to fight against the Communist Party Xie Jinhe: bring Taiwan a lot of energy for reflection

Founder of UMCCao XingchengOn the 5th, a large number of the CCP was domineering and held a press conference to announce a donation of NT$3 billion (about 100 million US dollars) to help Taiwan strengthen its national defense preparedness in cognitive warfare, psychological warfare, and public opinion warfare. Cao Xingcheng said that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this time is of great significance. This move denies that Taiwan is under the jurisdiction of the CCP, and also declares that anyone can come to Taiwan freely to visit, and there is no need to fear the CCP’s civil attack and military intimidation.

Xie Jinhe said that the biggest difference between democracy and totalitarian dictatorship is the freedom of choice and the freedom not to express one’s position. This is Taiwan’s future efforts to reshape the multi-value system from the history of more than 400 years. This time, Cao Xingcheng donated NT$3 billion in anger. This move will bring great impact and energy to the society. In addition, Taiwan needs to be more internationalized and allow more foreigners to come to Taiwan to work, live, and live in peace and contentment. If more than one million foreigners from Taiwan settle in Taiwan, Taiwan will be safer.

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Cao Xingcheng announced a donation of 100 million US dollars to fight against the communist protection of Taiwan. Akio Yaita, director of the Taipei branch of the Japanese media “Sankei Shimbun”, posted on Facebook that the CCP has been adopting a “buy Taiwan + fight Taiwan” attitude towards Taiwan over the years. As a well-known entrepreneur, he donated a large amount of money to help national defense, and he positively rejected the CCP’s coercion and inducement to Taiwan. It is to clearly express to the other side that “Taiwanese are neither greedy for money nor afraid of death”, which indirectly proves the CCP’s united front policy toward Taiwan over the years. The failure also showed the international community the determination of the Taiwanese to defend their homeland.

Xie Jinhe: The government should check whether companies use Chinese software to invest in China, and there must be an early warning mechanism

Before Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the Presidential Palace of the Republic of China stated on the 2nd that the official website of the Presidential Palace was attacked by an overseas DDoS attack, and the attack traffic was 200 times that of normal days, causing the official website to be unable to be displayed for a time. Presidential Office Spokesperson Zhang Dunhan said that in the face of continuous complex information operations by foreign forces, government agencies will continue to strengthen monitoring to maintain the security of national information and communications, and the stable operation of key infrastructure.

Ou Jiangan, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China, said on the 5th that the foreign hostile forces have continuously launched attacks by the cyber army, and the maximum number of malicious connections has reached more than 170 million times per minute. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to maintain a high degree of vigilance. Respond immediately. Information security attacks have occurred in Taiwan from the government to the private sector. Taipower confirmed on the 4th that the frequency of attacks has increased since the 2nd, and the number of single-day attacks on the 3rd reached 4.9 million, which has exceeded the total number of attacks in June and July.

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Xie Jinhe reminded that Taiwan’s information security must be consolidated. This time the hacker attacked Taiwan blatantly, and Taiwan must not feel it. Recently, he reminded the Financial Supervisory Commission to check the back-end software of all financial institutions. Is there any Chinese-funded software used? If you are not careful, you can be completely paralyzed. Recently, the United Kingdom has banned TikTok, and Taiwan must face it up! Then there is the early warning system for companies investing in China. All listed OTC companies must declare and announce their investments in China, including loans. If the investment ratio is too high, there may be an early warning mechanism.

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