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Reporter Weng Zihan / Report from Taipei

Singer Xie Zhenting won the Best Newcomer Award of the Golden Melody. Yesterday (7th), there was no warning and fired on Facebook. He named the champion of “The King of Shenglin” “You killed the mint gin to commit suicide when you were in the new university.” The song is as its name, “disgusting.” Although the name was not named, but through various explicit and implied clues, netizens were madly guessing that the man was suspected of being Li Youting. To this, China Research International to which Li Youting belongs also responded.

▲▼ Xie Zhenting fired on Facebook for the champion of the talent show suspected of committing suicide. (Photo/Retrieved from Xie Zhenting’s Facebook)

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▲▼ Xie Zhenting shot a male singer suspected of committing suicide on Facebook.  (Photo/Retrieved from Xie Zhenting's Facebook)

Xie Zhenting said in an article that the champion of “The King of Shenglin” killed him with “mint gin” when he was in the new university. “In the past two years, I thought I was the same lover? You fucking, we must find a way to explode. You are so sorry! You fucking provoke a mentally ill person, are you lonely? I accompany you, I accompany you to play mentally ill games. Really talented and appropriate. The song is as the name suggests, “disgusting.” All sorts of clues made netizens guess that the man was suspected to be singer Li Youting. Looking back at the 2012 report of Mint Gin’s lead singer Li Xiaohan’s suicide, Li Xiaohan, who was studying at Shixin at the time, said that she was suspected to be worried about not seeing her favorite Li from the guitar club after graduation His surname was a male classmate, so he committed suicide. It happened that Li Youting was also the Shixin Guitar Society.

▲▼Interview with Li Youting.  (Photo by reporter Zhang Yizhong)

▲Li Youting was criticized by Xie Zhenting for the song “disgusting”. (Photo/document photo, photo by reporter Zhang Yizhong)

Xie Zhenting even posted a number of netizens’ revelations in a series of messages. Some of them revealed that the day before Li Xiaohan’s suicide, Li Nanming knew that the woman liked him, but he also introduced the boy to her, making the woman embarrassed and sad. He complained: “surname Li The man did a lot of things that made the woman sad.” Some people broke the rumors that Li went around for a gun, and even claimed that Li’s ex-girlfriend criticized him for talking about sex with other girls in the crew. Xie Zhenting was dissatisfied and choked: “It turns out that the industry I have heard it a long time ago, and it proves that all this is not groundless.”

Xie Zhenting’s explosive post immediately caused a heated discussion among netizens. Even Li Youting’s social platform also flooded with netizens to leave messages. In this regard, Xie Zhenting’s Seed Records stated: “The company has continued concern about the artist and his post. I have not been contacted yet. “And China Research International, to which Li Youting belongs, responded: “I don’t want speculation on the Internet to cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

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Suicide Prevention and Relief Hotline: 1925; Lifeline Counseling Hotline: 1995

▲▼ Xie Zhenting posted a number of netizens broke the news on Facebook.  (Photo/Retrieved from Xie Zhenting's Facebook)

▲▼ Xie Zhenting posted a number of netizens broke the news on Facebook. (Photo/Retrieved from Xie Zhenting’s Facebook)

▲▼ Xie Zhenting posted netizens' revelations on Facebook.  (Photo/Retrieved from Xie Zhenting's Facebook)

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