Xitlali. Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office found her in Valle de Santiago

Michoacán.- The Guanajuato Attorney General’s Office confirmed that the body of Xitlali Elizabeth Ballesteros Heredia It was found yesterday afternoon in the municipality of Valle de Santiago, of that entity.

The FGG indicated that the body found on October 1 on a dirt road that leads to the community Hoya de Álvarez corresponds to the person who in life responded to the name of Xitlali “N”.

This, he said, was determined after having carried out the corresponding forensic studies and with visual identification of a relative.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Guanajuato stated that, for this case, a research folder was opened in the Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office for the report of his disappearance in recent days in the city of Morelia.

“The Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato helps with its counterpart from Michoacan in order to clarify the facts ”, quotes the information card.

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March of silence in Morelia

In Morelia, collectives feminists They called for a march of peace and silence, in memory of the 31-year-old nurse reported missing on September 30.

The concentration of women He is already outside the Government Palace and they are getting ready with candles and cards of justice slogan.

The groups demand that the person (s) responsible for this crime be arrested and brought to justice so that an exemplary punishment is applied.

This is the second femicide registered in the Michoacan capital in less than two weeks.


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