Xmas Deals statt Black Friday mit Stellaris und Detroit: Become Human

Another month and then it’s Christmas again. The Gamesplanet Xmas Sale starts this week. Until the big festival there are exciting games on offer every week from now on, the current momentum can still be reduced until November 28th. This week includes Stellaris, Monster Hunter World and Detroit: Become Human, among others.

To the Xmas offers!

Stellaris – an (almost) infinite universe

Feel like Star Trek for a weekend. You are penetrating into areas that no human has ever seen before. Your goal: an empire. How you become a Star Lord is up to you. For example, you can act in a warlike manner and expand by force, or you can approach the whole thing a bit more diplomatically and try negotiating first.

Before starting, you not only choose a faction, but also their properties. So you can adapt your people to your preferences and let them act according to your own philosophy. But if you want to go fast, you can also choose from ready-made peoples and get started right away. No game goes like the previous one, but they all start in the same way: You send out research ships and you are right in the middle of the new round. That it doesn’t get boring even after hours is due to the captivating story of Stellaris, as well as the many different alien races.

You can see here why the game has remained fresh even after years and is even better than ever:

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Buy Stellaris now for 9.50 euros!

Detroit: Become Human – What does being human mean?

If you’re reading this, you are almost certainly human. But what if it wasn’t? How does it feel to be an android in a world full of people? That’s what the game Detroit: Become Human is all about. You can choose between the three different androids Kara, Connor and Markus. All of them have their own story, skills and motivation. But be careful, every decision you make inevitably has an impact on the further course of the game.

Again and again you are confronted with moral dilemmas in which there is simply no easy decision. If you are not sure about a decision and want to know how the story would have gone if you had made a different decision, that is not a problem. The story is divided into individual chapters, which you can play through as often as you like. Thus the game offers a high replay value. Once you’ve done it, you just don’t know THE end of the story, just an end. So again from the beginning and this time maybe better to go to the right …

Buy Detroit: Become Human for 17.99 euros now!

Monster Hunter World – Capcoms größter Hit

Have I packed everything I need? Sword, potions, everything important, then the adventure can start right away. You do not go to Middle-earth, but in a large and varied world on the hunt for monsters. The game features over 20 boss monsters, all of which require different skills and approaches. Do not start directly with the largest dragon, but rather with something more manageable, as you have to keep improving and adapting your equipment in order to be able to cope with the biggest, nastiest monster. In the game, these are the elders of dragons. These go on a hike every 10 years and so they emerge in the new world that you are just discovering.

Since it quickly becomes clear that a couple of kites are not doing well on the balcony, one of you has to go. But you don’t want to, so you have no choice but to pull out the weapon of your choice and give the elder dragons a real hit. You can either fight the fight alone, true to the motto man versus monster, or defeat beasts together with friends in multiplayer.

Buy Monster Hunter World for 18.99 euros here!

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