Xue Zhiqian’s 12th album “Countless” is online and strives to create a diverse world of music_single_same name_dark

Original title: Xue Zhiqian’s 12th album “Countless” is online and strives to create a diverse world of music

At 0:00 on September 20, Xue Zhiqian’s twelfth new album “Countless” and the song with the same name were released. The sincere single “Innumerable” was composed by Xue Zhiqian with the lyrics and music, and once again teamed up with producer Zhou Yili to create it with love And the courage to pursue the truth.

As Xue Zhiqian’s twelfth music album, “Countless” integrates various details of life into it, paying attention to the subtleties of emotions. Even though I am surrounded by countless confusions and darkness, I still look to the light and play the warm “Sonata No. 12” in this early autumn. The copywriting of the album is written by Mr. Yi Jiayang, which presents the all-encompassing and profound thinking in music. The album includes “The Rare Phoenix”, which sings about desire, “Los City” with full national style, “Male No. 2” with a bitter supporting role, “About You” with strong warmth, and “You Are Not Alone” with Zhang Xinzhe for the first time. , “Ke” sung together with Zhang Liangying; in addition, there are more sincere songs of the same name “Innumerable”, as well as the yearning “Trash into Treasure” and the silent “Waiting” by one person, and the unpredictable ending “Being Countless” people”. Ten songs express Xue Zhiqian’s ten attitudes and his never-ending exploration of music. In the noisy urban life, his voice adds a touch of comfort to your contemplation.

On Xue Zhiqian’s musical path, endless exploration has created “numerous” wonderful possibilities. In the midst of the bustling urban crowd, his creations can always strike directly at the heart and arouse a strong resonance in the soul; his voice also makes us always believe that as long as we strengthen a bright belief and maintain a sincere heart, we will eventually welcome To dispel the “numerous” good hopes after the darkness.Return to Sohu, see more


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