XV of France: the program disrupted by the snow and the cold in Ile-de-France

No more sun in Nice and Rome. After his internship on the Côte d’Azur then a first match of the Six Nations Tournament played in a spring heat on Saturday in Italy, the XV of France finds this week Marcoussis and Ile-de-France, plunged into an episode of cold . Conditions which lead him to modify his training program.

The French rugby federation announced Wednesday morning that the traditional high intensity training of the Blues, initially scheduled for 6 p.m. on Wednesday, was postponed to Thursday at 11:30 a.m. A decision taken to flee the excessively low temperatures expected in the evening in Essonne. The players will train indoors and on the pitch this Wednesday morning, before resting in the afternoon.

“Ready for summer now”

Like the rest of Ile-de-France, the training center of the XV of France woke up under a little blanket of snow. Several players of the Blues have also shared on social networks videos of snowflakes covering Marcoussis. “Definitely ready for summer now,” notably posted on Instagram the second line Bernard Le Roux.

The players of the XV of France shared photos of the snow in Marcoussis (Essonne). Instagram / Bernard Le Roux

After a first large victory (50-10) against the Transalpines this weekend, the Blues continue on a more complicated trip to Ireland on Sunday. Fabien Galthié and Raphaël Ibañez will announce on Friday noon the list of 23 players selected to challenge the XV of Clover, beaten in Wales on Sunday (21-16), in Dublin.

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